Do you BYOGS?

Do you bring your own grocery sacks to the store?  They are popping up everywhere. Most stores are offering them for sale now. Usually with the store logo on them. Last time I went to the store, I think I probably had twenty plastic sacks filled with groceries. That's a lot of bags to purchase from the store. That'd be a lot of bags to carry in to the store. Has anyone started doing this? What has your experience been like?  

Even though we re-use the plastic grocery bags, I still feel guilty every time we haul them out to the trash.  Maybe I'll be brave and just do it.  How much harder could it be really?  I found some great bags for purchase here.  They are from a company called Envirosax. Aren't they cute?

However, there are a lot of patterns for DIY grocery bags.  Here is an article from Curbly with 35 free patterns for Reusable Grocery Bags like this one from Ohfransson:



  1. When I lived in Germany, every one used cloth bags for groceries. We had loads of them in the apartment. We would cram a bunch into one bag on the way there and then fill them up for the way home.
    These bags you are showing are soooooo cute. Who wouldn't feel proud to go shopping with those to display.
    Saving our Mother Earth can be so chic.

  2. That is so funny, I just bought a set of five mesh BYOGB yesterday online at I was actually doing the same as you; reusing old ones or taking them to the recycle spot at selective stores. Feeling at least I could do something. I researched a lot and the ones I bought are roomy enough to take my about ten sack grocery runs and transfer to the five mesh reuseable ones. I get them in a couple days. I'll let you know what happens. The cute pattern ones I love but they all were a little more to stOre from what I read. The mesh get small and work for anything. I didn't need fancy especially if I want Grant to ever use them!

  3. I actually own the envirosax that you link to above. I LOVE them! They hold so much more than those flimsy plastic ones. I can load as many groceries into 5 bags as I could in 15 or so plastic ones. My set came in a little carrying case that I keep in the car. I totally recommend them.

  4. Thanks Andy! I just added the Envirosax company name and link to the post. I still haven't purchase any. Hopefully soon! I love them!