Not your average home.

How cool are these houses!  There's a slide show over at pointclickhome.  Which one would you like to stay in?  I like the billboard inspired  house, the round swinging tree house, and the cactus inspired apartments.  Can you imagine trying to get kids in and out of that tree house?  "Hurry and climb down the ladder, we're late for school." "Stop swinging the house, I'm trying to do my homework!"  "Billy stop dropping your sisters toys down to the forest floor."  I'm guessing these weren't meant for kids, right?  

via sk*rt


  1. I saw those on AOL. I love the first one you have. Everyone gets a patio with room for gardens. That one was in the Netherlands right?

  2. Yeah, I think so. No one would get lost coming to your house. You'd just say, "I live in the giant cactus apartment" and everyone would know exactly where it was.