Copper Canyon Design

I've been helping this company brand their new shop.  Jeff and Nic are amazingly talented and I have a new floor and walls to prove it!  I'll post a link to their website as soon as it's up.  But I wanted to show you the logo we decided on and thank them for their terrific work!  Thanks guys! If you have any custom cabinetry or woodworking needs, these are the guys to call!


  1. You do some great work. Jeff showed me the different designs and I don't think that there was one that I didnt like.

  2. I have also worked with Jeff and Nic in the past and found them to be great guys and a pleasure to work with. I would highly reccomend them for any custom cabinetry or woodworking needs as well.

    -Jason Hagblom
    NAI Utah Commercial Real Estate