I have seen Wordles but I haven't played with it myself. Thanks to Kara R. for reminding me about it.  So FUN!  It's not just for blogs, either--- you can input any text or website with an RSS feed to create a Wordle. I used quotationspage.com for the one above.  

You can change the fonts, colors, and layout of your Wordle to make it unique. Then, here's the best part I think . . . save it as a PDF! If you have Illustrator or other drawing program, you can then open it as vector file that you can tweak even more and enlarge to your hearts content without losing resolution.    

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  1. Kelly King AndersonOctober 1, 2008 at 4:32 PM

    So if you save as a PDF you can print, right? These would be the COOLEST cards or framed prints.

    thx for your comment on Touchpoint, glad you enjoyed it and came!! Can't wait to hear more about your biz.