Heather's Home for Lost and Abandoned Furniture. This is what my husband calls my basement. Is it weird that I feel sad for great furniture that has been abandoned to estate sales or thrift shops? I have to restrain myself from buying items to add to my furniture orphanage.

I think there's a reason for my addiction. You see, once upon a time I was in a study abroad program.  I lived and worked in Switzerland. It was an amazing experience. As part of that program, I was able to visit some great sites. One of those was the Vitra Design Museum in Bern, Switzerland.


I bought the above poster which I kept ever so carefully wrapped up until I could afford to frame it. Sadly, we had a flood and my poster was ruined. No more chair poster. Fortunately for me, I just discovered a whole VITRA website.  Filled with great chairs and other fun items. Check out the miniatures in the museum shop. Hooray for Vitra!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for following us on Twitter! We too have a stash of vintage furniture but we don't have a basement to put it in - we keep it in a storage locker. We can't quite part with it, but we don't have the room for it!