Come on, try a reader?

This may be old news for some of you but for those of you know don't know. . . feed readers or are awesome! Why? Any blog or website with an feed can be imported into the reader. So instead of keeping a blog roll or bookmarks and clicking from blog to blog to see who's blogged and read their posts, it all comes to one place- your reader account. Since my reader is web based, I can read all your lovely blogs from anywhere- even my phone.

I use Google Reader and I love it but there are a lot of other versions. Click [HERE] for a list. In the Google reader, there are a lot of shortcut keystrokes that you can use to move from post to post without scrolling, mark the post in a favorites files, share and email the post. . . check it out!

UPDATE: Here's a few great tips for starting out w/ google reader from Google.  Check out their tutorial page [HERE].

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  1. I am also a big fan of Google Reader. It works great on the iPhone too.