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I came across an inspiring ezine today. Get a Life! published by Pamela Stewart of Ganas Consulting. FYI - ganas is a spanish word meaning an intense drive to do something, inner motivation, exuberance, drive... There is a great interview there with Marilyn Scott-Waters, The Toymaker. If you've never been to the Toymaker site, you are in for a treat. You can download and print hundreds of toy patterns to make with paper. I found the interview with Marilyn really inspiring.

To summarize, Marilyn decided to use her Ganas for good and started up the Toymaker site. Success has followed more abundantly than when she was trying to fit into a mold not created for her. She gives these tips to finding your path:

1. Tap into creative work that you adore. Are you doing something because everyone else does? Offering or not offering a service because of others beliefs? What would you do if you could do anything?
2. Beware of "shadow careers" -careers that are close to what you should or want to be doing but just are not there yet. Like being an art dealer instead of an artist yourself or working in a publishing house instead of writing.
3. Test out your products or services by offering them for free for awhile. She has had success with this on her Toymaker site.
4. Create a clear intention and make it happen. Write a mantra that you repeat over and over to yourself. Work on goals to put your plan into action.
5. Start small and rely on social marketing. She started by sending out a few emails with links to friends.

Great tips on finding what you love and then making it successful. To read the whole article click [HERE].

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