Inkscape & Cricut

Vector art uses points, lines, and curves to create the image, while raster art uses pixels to display the image. Illustrator is a vector application while Photoshop is a raster application.

I use Illustrator 80% of the time when designing logos and other graphics. So for those of you without Illustrator, try Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector drawing program available [HERE].

Try creating some vector art for your Cricut. I don't have one, but I've heard you can create your own vector files and use software called "Sure cuts a lot" to bring it into Cricut allowing you to create and then cut your own designs. I might have to get a Cricut just for that. . . sounds DIY cool.

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  1. Yes you can, you can also cut all the truetype fonts loaded on your computer.
    Here is a link to buy the program,
    and enter coupon code 8250985 you will save 10%!
    I also teach classes on it, if you are interested email me at!