Retro Cardset Giveaway

Not sure what "Velvetone screen printing" is, and how it's different from regular screen printing, but these two sets of notecards are printed this way.  They are originally from a company here in SLC called Pembroke Co. I assume these were printed sometime in the sixties or seventies? They remind me of a canister set my mom owned.

The orginal price tag is still on the box and says 1.25. They come with the original envelopes & have about 10 cards per set. If you want these beauties, just enter a comment. I'll pick a winner on Monday.

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  1. Heather, my mother still have that colour for canisters! Too funny!


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    and let whitney be the new spokes model of tupperware.

  3. I would love these they are so pretty count me in!