What in the CPSIA?

Remember the big lead paint scare on toys last year? Congress passed a law in August 2008 to protect us. However, now every item made for children under 12 years old has to undergo strict and expensive testing, labeling, and other things in order to pass safety regulations.

Why isn't this a good thing? Because of the expense and rules of the testing, large companies will be able to absorb the costs of these new regulations and pass them on to the end user. But individual crafters, artists, and shop owners most likely won't be able to afford the testing and will have to close up shop.

Say goodbye to local & handmade goods. Thrift shops, libraries, consignments stores... all included. Goodbye cool and unique stuff for kids. Goodbye vintage. Goodbye MONEY. This has ALREADY passed and goes into effect Feb. 10th 2009.

If you want to find out more and read what you can do, Sarah Jane has posted a comprehensive list on her blog. You can read it [HERE].

UPDATE: Just learned today 1/30/09 that the CPSIA has been suspended for a year! Yeah!

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