But mom, the logo made me do it!

I posted about the One 2 One network awhile ago.  I signed up but haven't had the chance to participate until now. I got an email regarding the latest promotion for the Ballas Hough Band.  The email contained the bands logo, some photos, and a short clip of their single.

So, first thing I that got my attention was the logo. Nice. I like the logo- just the kind I really like: creative, simple, requires a second look...so I clicked the link to sign up for the promotion.  That's it.  I don't know the artists- apparently they are on the TV show Dancing with the Stars- but haven't watched it enought to know.

I got the CD in the mail and popped it in to listen.  It's different from the music I usually listen to but it's good- sounds like it could play on any pop music radio station and do well.  My eight year old daughters would like it- they are just starting to get into music. But I really think teens -especially teen girls would DIG it.  Teen crushes here we come.

It's kind of a mix of the Jonas Brothers, David Archuleta, with a bit of Maroon 5 thrown in. You can check out a few songs on their You Tube channel or visit their website.

See what a good logo can do? It made me stop and take notice of this band. Good luck to you BHB!

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