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This is cool company number two found at the Mom 2.0 Summit. I love the concept! As a small business owner and as someone who helped start a lot of small businesses, I think it's a great tool.  With YouData, businesses buy pay per click ads but instead of the money going to Google or Yahoo, the money goes to the person viewing the ad- potential customers.

Customers sign up for a MeFile by answering a few questions about likes and dislikes and the profile is matched up w/ companies who want to sell to that profile.  When matches are made, offers are available to view. YouData provides a desktop application for it's Me Filers or consumers can view the offers on their site. Each time an ad is clicked, money is deposited into the MeFile account. The money is then paid out via PayPal and can either go to a personal account or to a charity of your choice.

I have been testing the MeFile desktop application this the last week or so and it's really easy to use. I've even found some really great businesses and sites that I've bookmarked.

What I like about this as a small business owner is I can potentially micro target the exact type of customers I hope to bring to my business.  No more trying to find the bid on the right key words for a normal Pay Per Click campaign and then hope that someone will click on them.

What I like as a customer is that my time is rewarded and I am introduced to shops that are right in line with products and services I am really interested in.

I haven't tried the seller side so I can't give conversion rates, but from what I've seen- it's a great new marketing/advertising space.

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