Dress your business for success

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed the recent return to "the power suite" by many attorneys.  The article quotes one attorney who says "I think people expect high-powered lawyers to look like high-powered lawyers," Mr. Brewer says. "Anything else is sending the wrong signal."

Another article from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute called "Dress like the Great Depression" brings up similar points. It details the wardrobe choices of those during the depression. How do you imagine their dress? Ragged & sloppy? Well, maybe for some. But for those looking to find or keep employment, the dress needed to send a message. It needed to show that they meant business, were ready to work, and could take care of their responsibilities. Regard the photo at the top. Notice the presses and creased pants, hats, cuffed pants, polished shoes & ties. They dressed for success.

Although these articles discuss clothing. I think the same lessons can be applied to how we dress our businesses. Have a look at your materials. Is it time to power up the corporate image? Polish up the logo & dust off the print materials? How do your customers expect your company to look? Are you sending the right signals?

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