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This is a really great service that lets you create "drops." A drop is a place on the web for you to post documents, media files, images, or whatever you want to share with others. lets you create free drops up to 100 MB at a unique custom URL which you can then give to whomever you wish. There is also a paid version for larger drops and more features.

There are a lot of other options available for free like password protecting the drop for sensitive information, setting expiration dates on the files, you can even use their site for conference calls and emails.

I use it a lot for giving clients access to files too large to email. I just give them my drop site address and they can download their intended files.  Make sure to watch their short intro video to get an idea of everything you can do with

Takeaway for Small Business Owners:  Let's say you have an e-book or other large PDF file you want to make available to certain customers or clients. Create a drop with a unique URL and password protect the file. Upload your PDF, set an expiration date, and email your customers the address to download the file.  Easy!

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  1. thanks heaps that's really handy for small business owners!!