7 Rules and a Resolution

My studio needs [this decal by Harmonie-Interieure]. Don't you agree? Love it! Thanks to those of you who keep checking back here when there is nothing new to see. It's been hard for me to find a focus here on this blog. Can you tell :) Can someone be a designer & a design blogger? Since this is also my business website, I know I need to step it up and post some of my work as well as post regular content. Can you still make New Years resolutions at the END of February?

If so, my blogging resolution for this site is to post 3 times a week- a mix of things I've been working on, things I find inspiring and want to share, and helpful finds for other small business owners or freelancers.

Oh, and my little neglected shop.  I hope to have some items in there soon as well. Different from my custom work, these items will be bits and pieces that you can mix and match for your own businesses and blogs.

Thanks for checking up on me! 

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