I've been able to create some fun designs for a company called ClearPlay. They contacted me to have help re-imagining their DVD player packaging. ClearPlay sells a DVD player that is able, through the use of filters, to skip content you might not want to watch such as excessive violence or language leaving the original DVD perfectly intact. 

After researching their market we realized that Moms were the number one purchaser of the player. As such, most were purchasing it for their families to be able to watch movies together as a family. We decided to create a package that was almost game like in it's aesthetics. Less hi-tech, more fun. Something that kids and families would be drawn to for a fun activity together. We came up with the concept of "The Return of Family Movie Night" using iconic imagery portraying the movie watching experience.

Since then, the project has added ads, a website face lift (not up yet), blog creation, twitter account, and a fun promotional materials for the Mom 2.0 Summit. ClearPlay is a great client to work with and they are excited about offering this new direction to their customers. They have more fun things planned to bring the movie watching experience back home to families.

If you are interested, they have a giveaway for 3 of their players going on right now until midnight MST tomorrow on their [blog]

The images above are from the Mom 2.0 Event this past week taken by Imelda.

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