PicScout is an image tracking service that I learned about last month at the Alt Design Summit. PicScout had a giveaway and I won my Alt ticket! Fun! They didn't ask me to write about them but I think it's a great resource and wanted to share.

PicScout is a service that fingerprints images. They have a FireFox plugin that brings up a little "i" next to images in an image search.  When you click on the "i" the image credit and purchasing info are displayed.  As a designer, finding and sourcing images can be time consuming. This would certainly help.  Amy, their rep told me they want to make legally using images from the web so easy that most people don't think twice about it.

I did a search for "flowers" and clicked on a quilled flower picture that hand the little blue "i" next to it. It brought up the info in the screen shot below.  I can see it's under a Creative Commons license and came from Flickr. Cool, right? 

I also think this is great find for photographers. They have partnered with PhotoShelter to allow any photographer to index their images. Then no matter where their images show up on the web, proper credit can be given and traffic directed to their page for purchase.

Since I've been trying it out, I've noticed that not all images I'm interested in have the little blue "i" next to them, but as more and more are added, I think this will be a great source for bloggers, designers, and others who look for images on the web.

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